Fly your name on MALTA’s first-ever mission to the International Space Station

Fly your name on MALTA’s first-ever mission to the International Space Station

Do you remember who first landed on the Moon?

Do you remember who first crossed the Atlantic?

Will you remember whose names rode on Malta’s first-ever mission to the ISS? Of course, you will remember. The answer is right here below 🙂

In collaboration with Zaar, located at the University of Malta – we are now on a mission to include the public, and as many people as possible for our FIRST EVER NATION digital trip to the International Space Station. We are so excited! That we couldn’t let this small opportunity pass without sharing some of the excitement, and why not – ask you to join us as we go up on the 29th of August 2021, and come back down sometime end of October 2021 – All participating names and backers of PROJECT MALETH will be digitally copied and together with a unique barcode and identifier will be sent on the Biocube (powered by Space Applications Services ICE Cubes platform) and will represent the very first (and not the last) initial leg of the Nation of Malta as a first mission to the ISS and back.

The Spaceomix experiment inside a Biocube, measuring not more than a small box that fits in one’s hand, will carry a dual purpose. (1) to investigate and study the growing microorganisms present in diabetic foot ulcers of Type 2 Diabetes patients from Malta, see how they adapt, behave, and change under the stresses of microgravity and the harsh environment of space and (2) take a large number of STEM-based messages from various schools, organisations and other entities from Malta (and some abroad) – we wanted to lend a ‘space’ for free to our young and next generation of scientists, of people, who are willing and wanting to ask questions in order to push forward the extreme frontiers of excellence in science. Looking at humanity’s past – we have come a long way already… but how much more exciting it is to look at the present. Salvage and fix what we can. And improve for the future. We are accountable to life itself, and that is why I ask you to join me – as a life scientist to do whatever it takes to improve the health and medical sciences that we so need. Even if that means going to space… and back. and to space again… and back again. 😬

The opportunity to send your name to the ISS comes with a souvenir boarding pass and “frequent flyer” reward points.

The souvenir boarding passes will display all names submitted by the backers for PROJECT MALETH on Zaar which will also be digital aboard the Spaceomix mission. Please note kids travel for free ☺️ so just drop a note to in order to book their seat alongside yours.

All in all, this Zaar campaign and reward system is part of a public engagement campaign to highlight this very first mission involved with Malta’s trip from the Earth to ISS.

Kilometres (and miles) are of course awarded for each “flight,” and will be kept in a system to track your future flight missions with us again 😇

One final word, to those wanting or wishing to be part of something bigger – we are offering not only a ‘seat’ reservation but a logo/sticker brandished on our virtual starship to the ISS that will continue being brandished throughout our campaign progress, mission updates, and social media posts. We want to thank our supporters – starting now. In fact, we are excited to soon disclose our next corporate partner who will be manning amongst other things, the national mission control centre for this event.

In the event that you wish to be one such partner, please do get in touch with us on and it can be planned accordingly via the existing structures of Zaar and the Research, Innovation, Development Trust (RIDT

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