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We explore, study and develop research projects in space, with the aim of making life better on earth and beyond.

By offering a range of services related to space science and research, we make space more accessible to businesses, universities and individuals.

Space Access Services

Through our end-to-end space access services, you will be able to send your experiment to the ISS and beyond.

Space Consignor

Through our extensive network of collaborators, that include the European Space Agency and NASA, we facilitate access to the ISS and beyond.

Bio Payload Design

We can help you create your own tailor-made experiment to be sent out to space. We will take care of all the details of the mission from start to finish.

Mission Control

Through our 24/7 mission control center, we monitor missions in space to ensure that all is in order and according to set expectations.

Brand Visibility

We offer the opportunity to invest in projects or carry out promotional exercises in space, which guarantees instant and prominent brand visibility.

Data Processing

We collect, store and analyze data collected from experiments in space, helping you gain insights and ensuring sustainability of research projects.


Partnering up with corporations and universities around the globe, we make sure that space is truly for everyone.

Space Missions

Spaceomix organizes and leads a number of scientific research projects and missions, fulfilling one of its primary aims to spearhead genetic research in space.

Maleth I

Project Maleth I was the first ever Maltese mission in space. It focuses on research to improve precision-based medicine in treating diabetic foot ulcers more efficiently.

Maleth II

This project builds on the findings from our first mission in space. It was designed to replicate and validate the observations of the Maleth I mission, as well as conduct additional research on other cell types.

Pushing Limits

At Spaceomix we believe in a multiplanetary future, to guarantee sustainability of life on earth. We are proud to be tapping into the unknown and pioneering important research focusing on life on our planet and beyond.

We believe that research, discovery, and innovation processes can take us places that are, as yet, unreachable. Our main mission is to delve deeper into the potential which space offers and to lay the groundwork for other stakeholders within the space industry to be able to take informed decisions and expand further.

Through our research we will be pushing known limits and asking key questions. The results, discoveries, and outcomes of our mission journey itself will affect our future on earth and beyond.

Our Partners

About Spaceomix

Spaceomix is the brainchild of Professor Joseph Borg and is part of the Arkafort group.

Human health is paramount to living one long life on Earth. Studying medical, life, and health science in the environment of space offers a unique opportunity to uncover those critical components that are deemed essential for life, and sheds light on new pathways and discoveries of important and key genes. In turn, these could offer biomarkers and target drugs as well as research to improve health on earth.

The Spaceomix team is positioned to make the next generation breakthroughs leading to a high quality of life for the next decades and at the same time pushing forward in making life become truly multi-planetary and ensure not just survival but also the thriving of future generations of life beyond Earth.

A Glimpse Into What We Do

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